Microsoft will expand Bing Chat character limit and the Enterprise mode too

September 13, 2023

Microsoft has just confirmed that it will be expanding the Bing Chat character limit, both in the consumer version and the Enterprise mode. The current limit is 4,000 characters, but this will be increased to 8,000 characters in the coming weeks.

The change was announced in a tweet by Mikhail Parakhin, the Vice President of Search at Microsoft. He responded to a tweet from a user, who said that their company was using Bing Chat Enterprise and that the only downside was the character limit.

Parakhin said that the character limit would be expanded, but not quickly. He explained that the algorithms that power Bing Chat are quadratic in context size, so increasing the limit to 8,000 characters would be four times more expensive.

In addition to increasing the character limit, Microsoft is also making other improvements to Bing Chat. 

Plugins for Bing Chat are now available, and an Enterprise mode will be released as a standalone product for $5 per user per month. Microsoft Edge users can also use command prompts in the Bing Chat sidebar to change their browser settings, such as the theme.

Oh, and did we mention that Bing AI chat is no longer an Edge-exclusive feature and you can try it out on other browsers, like Chrome and Safari?

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