Microsoft Excel will soon let you analyze your money and spending

by Rahul
March 30, 2020

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Microsoft today has announced a number of new features for Office 365 subscribers — one of them being Excel Money.

Excel Money is a new feature that makes it easier for you to manage, track, and analyze your money and spending. All you have to do is connect your bank accounts and credit card accounts to Excel by following a few simple steps and Excel will take care of the rest.

Excel Money also lets you import transactions and account balances automatically and customizes your workbook. Additionally, you’ll be able to track your spending on categories like groceries each month.

It can help you improve your spending habits by providing personalized insights on how much you’re spending on categories like groceries each month and proactive alerts about price changes for recurring payments, bank fees, overdraft warnings, and more.

Excel Money will be available only for Office 365 subscribers. The feature will be made available for the Office 365 users in the coming months.

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