Microsoft Excel for the web to get Auto-hide Ribbon feature this month

February 1, 2023
Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft recently released an exhaustive list of features it added to Excel last month. It will also notify us about what’s been added in February next month. One of the important capabilities Microsoft is planning to add to Excel is the ability to toggle auto-hide the Ribbon.

The Auto-hide Ribbon is already available for desktop users, but from this month, Microsoft will also expand the benefit to web users. In other words, the Microsoft Excel web client will let you automatically set the Ribbon to hide. If you are using Excel online, this feature will help you to focus on the content and the grid, as you can better concentrate on your spreadsheets when the Ribbon is not there.

Of course, you will be able to bring the Ribbon as and when you need it. You will also be able to expand it. However, if you want the largest amount of screen space when you view your workbook, you can hide all tabs and commands by enabling the Auto-hide Ribbon option. As described by Microsoft in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, the ribbon mode can be set from the ribbon switcher control on the bottom right of the Ribbon.

It is worth noting that Excel on the web is free for everyone, which means you do not need a premium Microsoft 365 subscription. If you have a Microsoft account, you can use Excel on the web for free, though it will not be as advanced as the one included in the paid subscription.

Microsoft has said that it will release the new ribbon mode this month, but the company has a history of delaying features after promising them. While we hope it will arrive this month, do not be surprised to see Microsoft delaying it to a later date.

Do you use Excel online? If yes, what else do you want Microsoft to add in it in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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