Microsoft escalates to Edge taskbar ads

by Surur
October 28, 2020

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Edge has about 7.5% market share and this has largely changed over the last year. Microsoft has become increasingly desperate about promoting their native browser, including recently having unskippable splash screens when you update your PC.

Now in their latest move, Microsoft is adding prompts to your taskbar, encouraging Windows 10 users to try the browser.


The ads show up when you have the browser pinned, which should happen by default if you are upgrading from Internet Explorer. It is presumably aimed at inexperienced users who do not know how to pin an alternative 3rd party browser to the taskbar.

The latest development follows similar notifications in Outlook website, Start Menu, and Windows Search and interestingly if it was successful in stealing market share from Chrome would open Microsoft up to an antitrust complaint from Google for abusing their desktop monopoly to push their browser.

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via WindowsLatest

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