Microsoft ends fiscal year 2017 with a bang as Azure revenue grows by 97%

Microsoft has just reported its earnings for the last quarter of its 2017 fiscal year. Redmond reported a revenue of $24.7 billion (non-GAAP) and $23.3 billion (GAAP). The net income was $7.7 billion (non-GAAP) and $6.5 billion (GAAP).

The main money makers for Microsoft continues to be its cloud and personal computing businesses. Microsoft Azure, specifically, has experienced continued growth over the past quarters and the latest is no different. In fact, revenue generated by Azure increased by about 97% — up from last quarter’s 93% growth. Revenue generated by Microsoft’s intelligent cloud business also increased significantly, expanding by 11%.

In terms of its hardware business, Surface isn’t doing too well. The revenue generated by Surface declined by 2% which is better than last quarter’s decline where the revenue slumped by a whopping 26%. The company’s phone business is also declining at the usual rate while the software maker figures out a future for its phone business.

On the Personal Computing front, there was a 2% decline in revenue which is caused by the declining phone revenue, according to the company. Windows OEM revenue increased by 1%, and Gaming increasing by 3%. Office commercial revenue also rose by 5%.

All in all, Q4 2017 was a solid quarter for Microsoft.

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