Microsoft is ending support for Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge and IE11 this year

September 4, 2020
Microsoft Edge flash

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Adobe Flash

Back in 2017, Adobe announced that it will be killing Flash player by the end of 2020. In keeping with this plan, Microsoft today mentioned again that it is ending support for Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge (both the new Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge Legacy) and Internet Explorer 11 at the end of 2020.

After the end of support, you will no longer receive Security Update for Adobe Flash Player” from Microsoft that applies to Microsoft Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer 11. Also, after January 2021, Microsoft will disable Adobe Flash Player by default and all versions older than KB4561600 released in June 2020 will be blocked.

You can read in detail about Microsoft’s plan for Adobe Flash end of support from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft

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