Microsoft encouraging Windows 10 users on older versions of the OS to upgrade

Microsoft will stop supporting the March 2017 Creators Update in October and is understandably eager to get Windows 10 users on that version of the OS to upgrade.

Now Microsoft has started using a banner in the Microsoft Store (above) to encourage users still on that version of the OS to upgrade their PCs.

According to AdDuplex Windows 10 1703  is only used by less than 3% of Windows 10 users, so the audience is not that large. It still remains to be seen if the Store is the best route to reach these users, due to Store usage, in general, being quite low.

One group who do use the Store regularly is Windows 10 Mobile users, who received the same prompt, but Microsoft has, of course, stopped updating that OS, making the prompt doubly redundant.

Are any of our readers still on the original Creators Update? Tell us why below.

Via WindowsLatest.

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