Microsoft encourages MEC users to start moving data to new ‘Microsoft Learn Educator Center’

After introducing the preview of the Microsoft Learn Educator Center to the public in December 2021, Microsoft is now encouraging the Microsoft Educator Center (MEC) users to start the migration of their data to the new platform. According to the company, after getting decommissioned last May 1, MEC will give its users up to one year to move their achievements, certificates, and transcripts to Microsoft Learn. 

“The Microsoft Learn Educator Center has replaced the Microsoft Educator Center (MEC) as our new home for the education community,” Microsoft says in its blog post. “We spent the past year migrating your favorite courses and learning paths from the MEC. We have also expanded the content to include custom pathways to enhance your professional skills, provide free resources that support you along your skilling journey, and connect you with the content and certifications needed to enable students to develop 21st century skills for the jobs of tomorrow.”

Users simply need to sign in to Microsoft Learn using their credentials for MEC. Microsoft also mentioned a need to create your own Microsoft Learn profile to receive the modal asking you to move your data to the new place. Accepting the request will move all of your MEC data like achievements, certificates, and transcripts to Microsoft Learn. Meanwhile, declining will give you the option to delete all of your data.

To guide the users in navigating the new environment, Microsoft is offering the Navigate Microsoft Learn for Educators and School Leaders module. Microsoft Learn will also provide over 360 modules, 21 learning paths, 80 modules, and 11 product pages for users to explore. Its Browse page will allow the easy search of available learning content for educators and school leaders. Microsoft says the page will make things more convenient for users by filtering results using tags for specific categories like job role (educator, school leader, and student), level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), and products (Microsoft Teams, M365, Minecraft, and Immersive Reader).

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