Microsoft encourages developers to cash in by offering trial apps


8, 2011

amagillMicrosoft has finally released the average conversion rate for trial apps, and it comes to a relatively low number of bit less than 10%. 

This should however not be a disincentive for developers to create apps with trials however.  According to Microsoft developers who offer trials on average earn 10 times more in revenue than developers that don’t. This is because even though only 10% of trial downloads turn into purchases, apps which offer trials are downloaded 70 times more, suggesting at the very least developers will earn 7 times more.

Microsoft’s Tod Brix notes:

Of course some apps do much better, and some worse, depending on the quality and nature of the app, but the trial functionality grows customer exposure and revenue substantially for most developers.

Hopefully information like this, straight from the source, will put an end to paid-for apps without trials, as it seems developers will merely be throwing money away.

Read more at Microsoft here.

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