Microsoft ejects Windows Phones from their HealthVault


23, 2016


As Windows Phone’s user base continues to decrease unfortunately more and more companies are withdrawing support from handsets running the OS.

The latest to join this list is Microsoft, who according to multiple reports are withdrawing support for Windows Phone from their Healthvault product, and also withdrawing their app from the Windows Store.

According to the letter Microsoft is sending to users this is due to compatibility problems, and they are recommending users use their website instead.

The letter reads:

Thank you for using HealthVault.

We’re reaching out because you are a user of the Microsoft >HealthVault app for Windows Phone. Recently, we have seen >some issues with the app due to compatibility problems. We >want to continue to provide a reliable HealthVault experience for >Windows Phone, which we believe will be best delivered through >the HealthVault website. We will therefore be ending our support >for the app and removing it from the Windows Phone Store.

Rest assured that this change has no impact on the information >you store on HealthVault, which we encourage you to access >using the HealthVault website ( >The site provides similar functionality to the app and is accessible >by using the browser on your mobile device or PC.

Thank you for your support of HealthVault. Please let us know if >you have questions at

The Microsoft HealthVault Team

HealthVault is a Microsoft initiative which offers an online platform to store and maintain health and fitness information of users. It was launched by Microsoft in 2007 and gained mobile support in 2011. It was meant to be used by both patients and providers to provide a safe and transferable record of their health and fitness but has had limited uptake, with Fitbit withdrawing support from the platform most recently. The platform never spread beyond USA and UK, but did at one point involve the NHS.

It is believed Microsoft will however renew their focus on this segment with a new cross-platform Health app again focussed on third-party providers such as fitness trackers, and like Microsoft’s phone business, Microsoft is expected to take a back seat and more infrastructure-type role.

Are any of our readers affected? Let us know below.

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