In what appears to be an effort to make URLs easier to read and understand, Microsoft is planning not to show URL components such as http:// or www in the address bar of the Microsoft Edge. If you’re using Microsoft Edge Canary and paying close attention to its address bar, you can notice the change — the address bar of the Chrome Canary no longer shows http:// or www.

For the sake of comparison, the stable version of the Microsoft Edge or the Edge Beta does show protocol in the address bar, which means if you type, you’ll see an https:// that’s prefixed to our domain name. But if you’re in the Canary channel, you’ll no longer see the protocol in the address bar — it’ll only display But in case you want to see the full URL, you can do so by double-clicking on the address bar.

If you’re a Chrome user, you’re already familiar with the whole idea as Google first introduced the change last year. Though, other popular browsers such as Vivaldi, Opera, Mozilla Firefox still show http:// or www on the address bar.

While the change certainly makes the URL bar look cleaner, we don’t know as to when the feature will be available for the stable version of the Edge. How many of you hold the view that removing that http:// or www from the address bar is a good decision? Let us know in the comments below.

via Deskmodder