Microsoft pulled the plug in the development of the classic Edge browser. Going forward, the software giant will push the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge only.

The Chromium Edge is currently available in two channels — Canary and Dev, with two more channels, Beta and Stable coming soon or at least that’s what the official Microsoft Edge Insider website says.

However, it appears that you don’t have to wait any longer to download the Edge Beta and Stable as it has leaked online for the first time. While installation of the Edge Beta is without any issue, the Stable version seems to have some issue as it shows an error with a message saying, “There was a problem installing due to a server issue.”

For those unaware, like any other Chromium-based browser, the new Microsoft Edge offers Edge Canary, Edge Dev, Edge Beta, and Edge Stable, where Canary is the most unstable and channel it will be updated regularly. Slightly more stable is the Dev channel and even more stable than that is the Beta. And Edge Stable is the one that Microsoft will be rolled out to everyone as it is the most stable version of the browser.

You can click here to download Edge Beta from here, and here to get Edge Stable.

via: WalkingCat