In the interest of making users more aware of what’s coming to the Edge browser, Microsoft has announced a new feature roadmap section on the What’s Next page on the Edge Insider website. The new feature roadmap section includes upcoming features for Microsoft Edge, much like the company’s Enterprise focussed roadmap, but unlike the enterprise focussed one, the new feature roadmap page will be more descriptive and will include almost all the upcoming features for the company’s browser.

Microsoft says that the new feature roadmap section is “in the same vein as the enterprise roadmap, but including almost all the upcoming features for Microsoft Edge.” The company believes that the new roadmap page will help users “feel more informed” on how the company is evolving the browser.

Microsoft has plans to update the roadmap page with every beta release, meaning we should see some changes in the roadmap page every six weeks (via Neowin). Meanwhile, you can get all the latest information on when Microsoft is planning to release the upcoming Edge Beta builds on the revamped What’s next page.

However, it’s unfortunate that we don’t have a roadmap page dedicated to Windows 10 and while this is frustrating, Microsoft may have a change of heart in the coming days and may just announce what Windows 10 users have been asking for a long time. We’re hopeful!