Microsoft Edge is getting a cool new Autofill feature

by Surur
February 25, 2021
search autofil header

Microsoft Edge is getting a cool new Autofill feature which should make it easier to fill out awkward forms.

The feature is called ‘User-initiated search for autofill suggestions’ and Microsoft describes it as such:

Today, if you have your information saved on Microsoft Edge, autofill suggestions pop up automatically and help you save time while filling out forms. but in cases where autofill misses a form, or if you want to fetch that data in forms that don’t typically have autofill (like temporary forms) – you can explicitly search for your information and fill it easily.

This means on forms that intentionally do not activate Autofil or with other issues activating the issue (e.g. not secure pages) users will still be able to easily access their data.

The feature is activated by typing a / on the form on such pages. The process can be seen demoed below:

It is currently available in Edge Canary and also possible Edge Dev and is on by default.

Thanks Leo Varella for the tip.

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