Microsoft Edge gets native Ad Blocker support for iOS with the latest update


25, 2018

Recently we reported that Microsoft has added native Ad Blocker support for Android device. Now it looks like the company has rolled out a new update for iOS devices with native Ad Blocker support.

The latest update is just for beta users but Microsoft will release it to the public soon. It adds the native Ad Blocker support but also acceptable ads at the same time. The native ad blocking experience is powered by AdBlocker Plus. Microsoft isn’t the only company adding Ad Blocker support to its browser. Earlier Google added Ad Blocker to Chrome and Mozilla already has a native Ad Blocker for Firefox.

Apple has a strict process of allowing developers to add beta testers so if you don’t have the beta app then you can’t get it now. However, you can download the public version of Microsoft Edge from iTunes Store below and wait for Microsoft to roll out a public update.

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