Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android updated with single sign-on support and more

Microsoft today announced two major features for Edge mobile browser on iOS and Android. With single sign-on support and conditional access, enterprises will be able to deploy Edge for its employees with confidence.

Microsoft Edge single sign-on (SSO):

With this support, enterprise users can enjoy single sign-on across native clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) and Microsoft Edge for all Azure Active Directory connected apps. They don’t need to enter login credentials again and again, saving valuable time. To enjoy this feature, enterprise users have to have the Microsoft Authenticator app on iOS or the Intune Company Portal app on Android installed on their devices.

Microsoft Edge conditional access:

With this support, enterprises can force employees to use Microsoft Intune protected browsers such as Edge using application-based conditional access policies. This will prevent leakage of data via unprotected browsers like Safari or Chrome.

You can learn more about other enterprise features available on Edge mobile from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft