Microsoft Edge for Android will show Ninja Cat emoji if you open more than 100 tabs


10, 2018

It looks like Microsoft Edge for Android has a fun little Easter Egg. The Easter Egg was apparently added to the browser after a recent beta update to v42.0.0.2519 which also added number count inside the tabs icon.

The Easter Egg comes into play if a user opens more than 100 tabs on Microsoft Edge. Once you cross 100 tab mark, the number count turns into a Ninja Cat emoji. The Easter Egg is available in just the beta version of the app right now. Microsoft might add it in the future release to the public version as well.

Microsoft Edge is not the only browser to carry an Easter Egg. Even Google Chrome has an Easter Egg which turns the tabs count to a grin emoji when the user opens more than 99 tabs. If you’re interested in trying out the Microsoft Edge’s Easter Egg then you can head below and enroll into the beta program to download it. However, do note that the beta app is not stable and might cause issues.

Via: Windows Latest

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