Microsoft Edge changelog for Windows 10 build 14942

October 8, 2016


Microsoft last night announced the release of Windows 10 Build 14942 to Windows 10 PCs in the Fast Ring. This build comes with new improvements and bug fixes, you can read about it in detail here. This build also included updated Edge browser with improvements to the web platform. Find the detailed change log for Microsoft Edge browser in this new build below.

New web platform features:

  • Enabled H.264/AVC support by default for RTC scenarios
  • Improved ES6 Modules debugging experience in F12 Developer Tools
  • Various webpage performance improvements
  • Refactoring network logic in terms of Fetch algorithms in preparation for Service Worker Fetch interception (behind a flag)
  • Ongoing work to add support for CSS Custom Properties
  • Ongoing work to add support for CSP 2.0
  • Ongoing work to add support for WebRTC 1.0 (behind a flag)
  • Ongoing work to add support for Service Worker (behind a flag)

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