Microsoft Edge beats Google Chrome on both iOS and Android in terms of ratings


9, 2018

Microsoft might not dominate the Browser market but the company sure does know how to satisfy users. Earlier today, Microsoft surpassed Google Chrome in terms of store ratings on both Android and iOS. The news was shared by Vishnu Nath, Head of Program Management, Microsoft Mobility on Twitter.

This is certainly a good news for both Microsoft and Edge fans. In fact, Microsoft Edge has now equalled to the Store Ratings of Mozilla Firefox which is also higher than Chrome. On iOS, Microsoft Edge beats Mozilla Firefox by a narrow margin. Not only this, Edge is also ranked 8th in Utilities on the iTunes Store.

As of today, Microsoft Edge carries an average rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store and is rated 4.2 on the iTunes Store. Microsoft is working hard to improve the browser and their efforts are paying off. If you own Android or iOS device then make sure to check out Microsoft Edge on Play Store and iTunes Store respectively.

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