Microsoft once again reshaped its browser by adopting Chromium, on which the new Edge browser is based on. The company also launched a brand new icon for the Chromium Edge browser, but the icon is currently available on the desktop app. Nevertheless, this is going to change soon.

Microsoft confirmed that the new Edge icon is going to replace the old one on mobile. This means that Microsoft will ship the new Edge icon to supported Android and iOS devices. This move is not at all surprising, because pretty much all the Microsoft apps share a similar logo across all platforms.

Not only the icon that will be similar to that of the desktop Edge but also how Microsoft tests the browser with insiders. Edge mobile app will have different rings similar to the Edge Desktop application. However, Microsoft might not follow the same naming convention, meaning that instead of Canary, Dev, and Beta, you may get something different.

New Edge logo(Courtesy of Aggiornamenti Lumia)

As you can see in the above image, the icon is of Edge Daily, which could be similar to the Canary Channel, where you’ll receive daily updates. And if this turns out to be true, Edge Daily is going to be the most unstable ring like the Edge Canary.

What do you think will be the name of the other two rings? Throw your guess in the comments section below.