Microsoft Edge and Safari are protected against spoofing attacks



If you were looking for a reason to make a switch to Microsoft Edge, now might be a perfect time. A new spoofing attack has been discovered which uses phishing techniques to fool a user and gain access to their credentials. However, it looks like Microsoft has already fixed the issue and are safe from the potential attacks.

Security Researcher Rafay Baloch first discovered the issue and reported it to Microsoft. He showed the attack in a video.

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Fortunately, Microsoft has already released a patch with the August security update that fixes the problem. He also noted that Apple still hasn’t taken action on his tip and the vulnerability can still be exploited. You can read more on this in a blog post shared by Rafay. Microsoft has proved time and again that Edge is better than other browsers when it comes to security.

Source: Rafay Baloch; Via: Winfuture

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