Finding extensions in Microsoft Edge Add-ons store is now a lot easier

by Rahul
May 5, 2020
Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge is not on par with Google Chrome when it comes to the number of extensions available in its Add-on store. While support for Chrome extensions, in a way, makes users rely more on the Chrome Web Store more than Edge Add-ons store as the former has more number extensions than the latter, Microsoft seems to be working hard to make it easier for the users to find extensions on Edge Add-ons store.

Microsoft has rolled out a layout, which contains Editors’ picks page, Trending page, option for applying category filters while searching for extensions, for the Edge Add-ons store, making it easier for the users to find what extensions are best suited to them.

The update includes some rebranding as well. For instance, All extensions section is now rebranded to Home. There is also a new Get Started page where you’ll find extensions that Microsoft recommends — these are basically extensions that are listed in the Editors’ picks page.

The updated layout, however, isn’t available for every Edge user. Microsoft seems to be testing the new layout with Edge Insiders as it’s only available for Microsoft Edge Canary 84.0.505.0 or higher.

Source: ALumia; via: Techdows

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