Microsoft drops Geotrust verification for individuals and students


23, 2011

geotrustMicrosoft has removed one rather annoying barrier to registering for a Windows Phone 7 developer.

Part of getting registered was getting your identity verified by GeoTrust, something which was not even possible in many countries. Now this requirement has been dropped.

On App Hub it says:

AppHub – GeoTrust verification for individuals and students cancelled

Microsoft has canceled the GeoTrust verification for individuals and students with the last AppHub update:

Individual and Student Identity Validation individuals will be verified using the information provided and their credit card information

Company Identity Validation

GeoTrust will contact the Corporate Approver to validate the information provided during registration

Microsoft is working to aggressively expand the number of developers creating apps for Windows Phone 7, and moves such as these which do not require developers to fax copies of their passports and drivers license can only help the cause.

Thanks Phillip for the tip.

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