Microsoft Details The NFL Combine Dashboard App Exclusive To NFL Team Staff

NFL Combine Dashboard

Microsoft Surface is the official tablet for NFL sports event in the US. There were lots of marketing going around NFL for Surface in the past few months.

The Surface logo and visuals have been a visible addition to all the games this past season, showing up on the sidelines on the communication carts and instant replay hoods. But it goes well beyond that, Surface has also been used in trials with many teams across the NFL, as a tool to help assist medical personnel in the area of player health and in front office operations as a powerful tablet that can go from the desktop to the field. Team use and integration into the operations of managing a NFL franchise will only increase in future seasons.

Microsoft assisted NFL in releasing all its official app in Windows Store for Windows 8/RT devices. They recently detailed the NFL Combined Dashboard app for NFL team owners who will use on their Surface device.

This year at the Combine, we will help all 32 teams get player information, results and event details in near real time with the combination of Surface tablets and a specialized app called the NFL Combine Dashboard. Surface devices will be used to capture data from each field event, which allows team personnel to track each player as they make their way through the Combine and make comparisons across participating players at each position.

The NFL Scouting Combine Dashboard home screen provides quick access to key information like current point of Combine event progression, recently viewed players and an overview of what event the individual groups are participating in now, and the results captured in each activity per station.

In the schedule view, the app displays a calendar with player groups listed to the left and color coded. Events are also colorized so it’s easy to see which group is participating in each event. Team staff can swipe left or right to view events happening earlier or later in the week. Tapping an event shows more information like description and location.

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Source: Surface blog