Microsoft deprecating Sensorcore for Windows 10


On the Windows Blog Microsoft’s Windows Contextual Sensing team announced that they will be deprecating the Lumia specific Sensorcore API in favour of the more general Contextual Sensing APIs in Windows 10 which are more comprehensive and feature better privacy settings.

Program manager Rinku Sreedhar noted that the Lumia SensorCore SDK is being gradually merged into the Windows 10 API, which now supported features like Activity Detection and Pedometer as part of Windows.

The Sensorcore specific APIs such as Activity Monitor and Step Counter APIs in the Microsoft Lumia SensorCore SDK will no longer be supported or continue to be developed in the future.

Microsoft recommends developers switch to the new Universal Windows Contextual Sensing APIs, which can detect activity states like walking, running, biking, stationary, driving and come with new Privacy settings.

The settings are in the Settings app under Settings>Privacy>Motion. Activity Detection and Pedometer are always on by default, which means that activities and step counts will be tracked, with data collection enabled.  Users can disable Motion data collection through the Motion Privacy Settings, clear their history and enable and disable access to the data on an app by app basis.

Developers can read more about taking advantage of these new APIs at Microsoft here.

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