Microsoft demos power of Office Mobile apps on Windows Phones (video)

by Surur
March 15, 2016

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The earlier versions of Office Mobile on WP7 and WP8.1 did not really deserve the name, being extremely cut down versions of the real thing.

With Windows 10 Mobile however we finally have the powerful near feature-complete versions of the software we have been waiting for, and in the above videos Microsoft gives a brief overview of the various Office apps available on the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

Office Lens is another of Microsoft’s new generation of Office apps, and Microsoft also uploaded a video demo of the app in action.

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Microsoft’s main push with Windows 10 Mobile has been as productivity devices, and I suspect the above videos will get a lot of play from their sales teams selling the handsets to enterprise.

Are our readers convinced by Windows 10 Mobile as a viable productivity platform, or are there still too many other apps missing? Let us know below.

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