Microsoft Defender tops the list of most used Windows Antivirus, running on more than half a billion PCs

Gone are the days when Windows users paid to purchase a decent antivirus solution. But after the introduction of Windows Defender, which is soon going to be renamed as Microsoft Defender, most Windows users didn’t feel the need to purchase another Anti-virus solution for their PCs, thanks to Microsoft’s advanced machine-learning detection models. And that helped Microsoft’s anti-virus solution climb to the top.

According to Tanmay Ganacharya, general manager of Microsoft ATP security research:

Windows Defender already has a share greater than 50% in the Windows ecosystem. So there are over half a billion machines running Windows Defender in active mode as the main antivirus. And it has grown quite significantly and is among the best now.

However, this is also a reason for Microsoft to worry as more market share invite more hackers to attack Microsoft Defender, which in turn can put more than half-a-billion PCs at risk.

Windows Defender protects more than 50% of the Windows ecosystem, so we are a big target and everyone wants to drill it to get the maximum number of victims.

What do our readers think about these figures? Do you use Windows Defender over anything else? If so let us know why in the comments section below.

source: ZDNet; via: WBI

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