Microsoft Defender for individuals app now generally available

June 17, 2022

With the rising numbers of threats going around the world, Microsoft released another security product that is now focused on private individuals. Called “Microsoft Defender for individuals,” this new offer comes as an online security app for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers of the company. It was built on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint technology, giving it the same security trusted by enterprises.

“Today’s sophisticated cyber threats require a modern approach to security,” says Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management, in a post that stresses the importance of the company’s new product. “And this doesn’t apply only to enterprises or government entities—in recent years we’ve seen attacks increase exponentially against individuals. There are 921 password attacks every second.1 We’ve seen ransomware threats extending beyond their usual targets to go after small businesses and families. And we know, as bad actors become more and more sophisticated, we need to increase our personal defenses as well.”

Microsoft Defender for individuals app will focus on serving families and groups of individuals using multiple devices at home. Indeed, apart from Windows PCs, it also covers a wide variety of devices that are often using different protection. As such, Microsoft launched the product’s apps for various device operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

“Microsoft Defender is simplified online security that meets you and your family where you are by bringing multiple protections together into a single dashboard,” adds Jakkal. “It provides online protection across the devices you and your family use. It offers tips and recommendations to strengthen your protection further. And, as you grow your digital footprint by adding family members and devices, Defender grows with you and keeps your defenses up-to-date using trusted technology.”

According to the CVP, people often resort to different security products, leading to more problems. Microsoft Defender for individuals hopes to address this by giving you a central dashboard where you can view the security status of your family members’ devices. It will also let you check the devices’ current antivirus protections (Norton, MacAfee, and many more) while offering antivirus and anti-phishing protection for data and devices. What’s more, it will provide you with instant security alerts, resolution strategies, and security-related expert tips.

Microsoft plans to further bump up its sets of capabilities in the future by including more features, such as identity theft protection and secure online connection.

It is now available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices, and it can cater to up to 5 devices with the same Microsoft 365 Personal plan account. For the Family plan, on the other hand, the product can provide protection to up to 30 devices.

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