Microsoft continues to hint at WP/Win RT merger, Win RT Phablets



imageAt their Financial Analysts Meeting Terry Myerson, Microsoft Executive Vice President of operating systems, has continued to hint that Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT will eventually merge, saying:

"Windows RT was our first ARM tablet. And as phones extend into tablets, expect us to see many more ARM tablets, Windows ARM tablets in the future."

He continued:

"(W)e really should have one silicon interface for all of our devices. We should have one set of developer APIs on all of our devices. And all of the apps we bring to end users should be available on all of our devices."

We have seen various other leaks pointing towards this move, but the public mention by Myerson suggests to me that we will in fact see this sooner rather than later, maybe by Windows Phone 9 at the end of next year.

Do our readers agree the move is coming soon, and is it welcome? Let us know below.


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