Microsoft is so confident in Sea of Thieves that it is allowing Rare to bypass the traditional certification process upon release

Sea of Thieves is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated Xbox One games next year, and it looks like Microsoft is incredibly confident with the game ahead of its release. In an interview with Stevivor, Rare’s Joe Neate said that Sea of Thieves has been iterated upon so many times that the studio won’t need to undergo the traditional certification process that almost every game does to be released on Xbox One.

“The submissions process — normally that’s a time-consuming period,” Neate told Stevivor at PAX AUS. “[Normally] Xbox would test it and make sure it all works. Our release of the game… will not be tested by Xbox because we’ve released the game so many times and we’ve not had any issues.”

“We release a new version of the game every week and we’ve built that muscle over the last 18 months,” Neate continued. “We’ve done more content updates than pretty much any game in the Xbox portfolio, and we’re not out yet.

“[This is] a complete change in culture from a single point in time release; this is continuous delivery. Our bug count is always under a hundred; on most games, you’re in the multiple thousands as you approach release. Basically, the launch of the game will be just another release. We’ve got confidence in our process.”

While Rare is constantly updating and tweaking different aspects of Sea of Thieves based on feedback from its Technical Alpha sessions, Neate confirmed that the studio will stop adding to Sea of Thieves about a week before its proper release date.

If you haven’t been accepted into one of its many Technical Alphas, everyone who signs up for Sea of Thieves’ Insider Program before December 1 will be invited into its next Alpha. Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed shared-world adventure game that Xbox players have been anxiously awaiting. If Microsoft trusts Rare so much, that must speak for how good the game is turning out to be.

Via My Got Zone