Microsoft claims victory in updated HTML5 speed test


12, 2011

Author Surur // in News

Microsoft claims the hardware-accelerated HTML5 rendering in IE9 in Windows Phone 7 mango is the fastest implementation of them all, but along the way some people have complained both that Microsoft was comparing Mango against an old version of iOS, version 4 versus the upcoming iOS5, and also that iOS can reach up to 31 fps, faster than the 25 fps Microsoft demoed at MIX11 for Mango.

In todays demo at WPC 11 Microsoft addressed these issues head-on, not only doubling their own rendering speed to 50 fps, but also comparing the speed against the latest beta 3 of iOS5.

For now the WP7 team holds the crown, and they are clearly proud of their work, which should continue to motivate them to keep Windows Phone 7 on top.

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