Microsoft challenging other smartphone users to speed test, giving away $100 and Windows Phones

100-M0NEY-STACK-psd9522Ben the PC Guy, an evangelist on the Windows Phone team, is running a smartphone speed contest at CES starting tomorrow:

The challenge reads as below:

Think your smartphone faster than a Windows Phone? Swing by the Microsoft booth on January 10 – 11 from 2 to 6 p.m. PT to put it to the test. If you win, you get $100. If you get #smokedbywindowsphone, you have to confess it to your friends with your new Windows Phone in hand – Ben will hold you to it. To find Ben at CES and take the challenge follow @BenThePCGuy.

Sounds like it is a win for the contestants either way – if they lose they get a Windows Phone and if they win they get $100!

Tell your android using friends who wants a new Windows Phone (or $100) to find Ben at CES by following him on twitter here.