Microsoft CEO: Google Have Done A Better Job Of Marketing Themselves

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke at an interview held at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference yesterday evening. During Q&A session, an attendee said to Satya that Microsoft Research should learn from Google and all the attention it gets for its research projects like Google Glass and driverless cars. He was basically pointing out that Microsoft Research’s efforts are not well recognized by the public when compared to Google’s efforts.

Nadella admitted that Google have done a better job of marketing themselves.

“Look, it’s always good to learn from others who have done a better job of marketing themselves,” Nadella said to a chorus of laughs from the crowd.

He also made the point that getting more press coverage and eyeballs for Google’s projects doesn’t mean that Google is working on more important or better projects than Microsoft is. He also pointed out that several Microsoft Research products have created business opportunities for Microsoft. He cited Microsoft’s in-memory database business, the upcoming Skype real-time translation service, etc, are purely from Microsoft Research.

Still, Nadella said the questioner’s “point is well taken” and that Microsoft can definitely do more to “get more mainstream impact” from its research efforts.

Source: Recode