Microsoft buckles up for the first 19H2 build

by Anmol
January 30, 2019

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Microsoft is almost done with Windows 10 19H1 and the company has already decided the name for the update. While most of Windows team members are now working on patching bugs, the company has already taken the first steps towards rolling out Windows 10 19H2 builds to Windows Insiders.

Microsoft is supposed to release Windows 10 19H2 in the fall of 2019 as a part of their two major updates per year strategy. While we don’t know what Microsoft has planned for 19H2 the company has re-opened Skip Ahead Ring for Windows Insiders. For those who don’t know, Skip Ahead was announced by Microsoft almost two years back as a way for Windows Insiders to skip to the new feature release of Windows 10 rather than sticking with the stable final builds. Microsoft has always limited the number of people who could join the Skip Ahead Ring to ensure they have Windows Insiders to test the current version as well. With Microsoft reaching the final stages of Windows 10 19H1, the company has re-opened the Skip Ahead Ring for Windows Insiders.

Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement yet regarding the re-opening of Skip Ahead Ring but if you’re interested then you can head to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Insiders and change the Ring to Skip Ahead. Do remember that the Skip Ahead Ring will carry more risks as the builds would be incomplete and might come with more bugs. It’s highly recommended not to run Skip Ahead on the primary device for your own safety.

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