Microsoft brings updated Photos app for Windows 11 Insiders

September 22, 2022

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Microsoft has started rolling out a new Photos app for Dev Channel Insiders running the latest version of Windows 11. As Microsoft has put it, the updated Photos app has a gorgeous gallery, simplifying browsing, finding, management, and consumption of your collection of photos. However, this is a controlled rollout, meaning it’s not available to all Windows 11 Insiders at this moment. The software giant will roll out to more Insiders after hearing feedback from those using it.

Apart from being simple and easy to use, the new Photos app has a feature called “Memories,” which is supposed to show you the photos when you click on them. Instead, when you click on the memories, it loads the OneDrive on a web browser to show you the photos. It is frustrating to some users, but this is something that Microsoft might change in the future.

Another significant change in the updated Photos app is the exclusion of the in-built video editor experience, present in the legacy Photos app. Microsoft offers the Clipchamp app on Windows 11 to help users with video editing. If you are new to Windows 11, you can search for the Clipchamp app from the Start menu.

If you are running a Windows Dev Channel Insiders build, you should look for an update to the Photos app (version 2022.31090.16004.0) on Microsoft Store. Once you install the update, it will replace the old Photos app with the current experience. Microsoft also says that the old Photos app will be available as a separate app on the Microsoft Store. So, those who prefer the old one should not worry at all.

Microsoft has outlined some of the features that Insiders can try in the updated Photos app, and these are as follows:

  • Organize your photos with a productive and beautifully redesigned purpose-built experience.
  • Easily backup your Photos to OneDrive and keep your memories safe.
  • Celebrate a life well-lived with improved “Memories” experiences.
  • Be productive with multi-window and multi-screen.
  • Easily view your OneDrive storage quota usage and add more storage.
  • Import and manage your photos from external sources such as your phone and camera.

If you are using the new Photos app on your Windows 11 PC, share your thoughts about it in the comments section.

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