Microsoft brings real time co-authoring to Visio for the web

February 10, 2020

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Microsoft today announced the availability of real-time co-authoring feature in Visio for the web. With this new feature, you can now co-create and edit Visio diagrams simultaneously on the web. Similar to other Office apps, you can see your co-authors’ edits as they happen. To avoid conflicts during editing, Visio will display a presence indicator that will allow you to see where other co-authors are working in the Visio canvas.

You can also add and reply to comments in during the co-authoring session. If you are on Visio Plan 1 or Visio Plan 2 subscription, you can now enjoy this real time co-authoring feature. If you don’t have Visio subscription, you can view and reply to comments or add a shape/page level comment.

Our goal is to make the way you work easier. This is yet another step in the journey of making Visio a more collaborative app that you can use to brew ideas and work seamlessly with others. – Microsoft

Microsoft also announced that they will be adding more features to Visio in the coming months.

Source: Microsoft

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