Microsoft is bringing Xbox One game streaming to the Oculus Rift on Windows 10


Microsoft today announced that the company is bringing Xbox One’s game streaming to the Oculus Rift on Windows 10. The company is partnering up with Oculus to enable this feature, which will allow users to play their Xbox One games on the Oculus Rift thanks to Xbox One game streaming. Similar to how game streaming works on Windows 10 PCs, Oculus Rift users will be able to stream games to their headset from their Xbox One. For example, if you are playing Forza Horizon 3 on your Xbox One, you can simply stream it to your Windows 10 PC, where you can connect your Oculus Rift and be able to experience the game on your headset which is pretty neat. This feature comes with three different virtual reality environments: Citadel, Retreat, and Dome — which you’ll presumably be able to switch between depending on the game you are currently playing. It’ll be available to users on December 12.


As none of the current Xbox One consoles support virtual reality, you obviously won’t be able to get a real virtual reality experience on the Oculus Rift via game streaming. But of course, this will likely change with the upcoming Project Scorpio console which is expected to support virtual reality headsets. If this does end up happening, users should be able to stream VR games from their Scorpio to their Windows 10 PC — which they can connect up with an Oculus Rift to get a much better experience. Do keep in mind that Microsoft will most likely allow users to enjoy VR games from their Scorpio on a VR headset like the Oculus Rift via a physical connection, but game streaming should be a nice feature to have as well.

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