Why is Microsoft blocking unofficial Xbox controllers? Here’s the explanation

October 30, 2023

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The worry in the Xbox community has been one thing in the past few days: Is Microsoft booting unofficial Xbox controllers from the green console for good?

In case you missed it, a healthy amount of Xbox gamers have started getting an error message (0x82d60002) that says: “Using unauthorized accessories compromises your gaming experience.” 

The dire warning ends with Microsoft saying that they’ll block accessories with no authorization, which obviously includes unofficial Xbox controllers, starting from November 12, 2023.

“From the moment you connect an unauthorized accessory and receive error code 0x82d60002, you’ll have two weeks to use the accessory, after which time it will then be blocked from use with the console,” says Microsoft in the official support note.

Brook Gaming’s Xbox-related adapters, which are commonly used in the green console’s gaming community, are also affected by the new update and the company is investigating the issue.

“At that time, you’ll receive error code 0x82d60003. We encourage you to contact the store or manufacturer where you obtained the accessory to get help with returning it,” the update continues.

But, why? Is Microsoft getting greedy?

Windows Central revealed that the Redmond-based tech giant may be expanding its program for approved third-party wireless Xbox controllers. Plus, this error won’t affect unofficial Xbox controllers that have the Designed for Xbox badge although the company is yet to release a statement.

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