Microsoft believes built-in LTE will become a standard part of a notebook PC

Speaking at Computex,  Zhang Yongli, vice president of Microsoft Greater China, expressed the belief that built-in LTE and  5G will become “an integral part of notebooks” such that the feature will change the way notebooks are designed.

The high-speed always-on connections would mean there is little point in storing items on the device, and he said that he expects hard drives will only have a small amount of storage, with the bulk of data can be transmitted to the cloud through 5G systems.

Microsoft has of course been making a push for Always Connected PCs with Qualcomm and Intel, and have created APIs which would allow users to easily buy a data plan as and when needed, which due to eSIMs would mean anyone could get provisioned and connected by simply clicking the Buy button in the Microsoft Store.

A built-in always-on modem would also, however, mean devices can always be tracked and managed from anywhere in the world, much how modern smartphones can be disabled even if the SIM card is removed.

Are our readers ready for this brave new world? Let us know below.

Via Digitimes, IBTimes.

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