Microsoft begins rollout of File Copy/Move between SharePoint and OneDrive

SharePoint Document Libraries

Microsoft yesterday announced their first phase of rollout for copying and moving files between SharePoint and OneDrive. For now, you’ll be able to copy files from OneDrive for Business to destinations in SharePoint or OneDrive. Once you select a file inside OneDrive, you’ll see the Copy to option appear on the command bar. Copy to uses intelligence from the Microsoft Graph to display about your most frequently used sites, along with the option to browse to sites you’re following, as well as other locations within OneDrive.

Modern Copy/Move works for both modern and classic experiences on target team site document libraries.  You can copy single files, multiple files, or whole folders, preserving metadata.

Today, there are two notable restrictions. At this point, each copy operation between OneDrive and SharePoint is limited to a maximum size of 50MB. If a user tries to copy a larger amount of data to SharePoint, they will be reminded that large file copies can only use the current OneDrive as a target. Also, files can be copied from OneDrive to SharePoint, but not yet from team site to team site. 

In future, Microsoft is planning to add the following features for this File Copy/Move

  • Adding support for all file sizes, beyond today’s 50MB limit.  (We know the vast majority of files in OneDrive are below this limit today.)
  • Copy files among SharePoint team sites.
  • Finally, we will also add the ability to move files, as well as copy files, among SharePoint Team sites as well as OneDrive sources.

Find more details about it here.