[Update: Still Down] Microsoft Band 2 owners are experiencing syncing problems

August 7, 2017

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Update: Microsoft Band 2 owners are still experiencing issues with the app and a fix is yet to be available. It’s been nearly 4 days since the issue started occurring and Microsoft is yet to rollout a fix for the issue.

Microsoft Band 2 owners are currently experiencing syncing issues with the mobile app on Windows Phone, Windows 10, Android, and iPhone devices. The issue is preventing users from getting their Band 2 data on their phone’s Microsoft Band app. The app now shows an error indicating a network connectivity issue, which likely suggests the problem is connected to a server-side issue on Microsoft’s end.

German site WindowsUnited reports that Microsoft is aware of the issue and is actively working on addressing it, although it isn’t known when exactly the fix will be rolled out. But we’ll make sure to let you know once it’s fixed.

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