Microsoft Azure enters the Top10 in the TOP500 supercomputer rankings



Microsoft Azure

Back in June, Microsoft Azure took four consecutive spots from No. 26 to No. 29 on the TOP500 supercomputer rankings list. These clusters are part of the Azure ND A100 v4 VM family and they are available on demand in four global regions. These systems delivered 16.59 petaflops on the HPL benchmark used for the TOP500 supercomputer rankings.

In the latest TOP500 rankings, Microsoft Azure has joined the Top 10 club by delivering 30.05 Petaflops. This is based on Microsoft’s recently announced NDm A100 80GB v4, available on demand.

These Azure NDm A100 v4 instances are powered by NVIDIA GPU acceleration and NVIDIA InfiniBand networking.


Physical CPU CoresHost Memory (GB)GPUsLocal NVMe Temporary DiskNVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand NetworkAzure Network



961,900 GB8 x 80 GB NVIDIA A1006,400 GB200 GB/s40 Gbps

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