Microsoft announces the general availability of Azure SQL enabled by Azure Arc

Microsoft Azure Arc SQL Azure

Microsoft today announced the general availability of Azure SQL enabled by Azure Arc. With this, you will be able to deploy Azure SQL databases on any infrastructure and on any Kubernetes.

“Deploying cloud-based solutions to on-premises and multi-cloud environments helps deliver consistent, portable, and unified management across a company’s entire data estate. Our customers are seeing improved productivity and operating efficiency by using hybrid technology to manage their data and app development at scale,” wrote Rohan Kumar Corporate Vice President, Azure Data.

Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance will offer the following:

  • Stay current with automated updates and deploy evergreen feature and security updates to on-prem databases with no end-of-support.
  • Automate routine database administrator (DBA) tasks at scale with built-in management capabilities including high availability, backup, and restore.
  • Optimize data workload performance by bringing cloud elasticity on-premises for existing infrastructure, using only the resources needed to dynamically scale up, down, without application downtime.
  • Access Azure industry-leading security and governance capabilities for your on-premises data workloads using to protect your data.

Azure Arc-enabled Azure PostgreSQL Hyperscale is coming soon.

Source: Microsoft