Microsoft’s Azure SQL Database named among the top 3 databases of 2020

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Azure SQL Database was recently named among the top 3 databases of 2020 by DB-Engines. Azure SQL Database was ranked No.2 behind PostgreSQL. DB-Engines mentioned that Azure SQL Database’s popularity score increased 253 percent through 2020. Also, in the 9 years of DB-Engines, it is the first time that a cloud database service was ranked within the top three of the Database of the Year award.

Azure SQL provides flexible options for migrating and modernizing your existing applications or building new applications in the cloud. It’s built upon the same SQL Server engine available on-premises, providing a consistent and unified experience across your entire portfolio. This enables database administrators and developers alike to use their existing SQL skills in the cloud to modernize and innovate.

“We’re thankful for this recognition from DB-Engines and are particularly excited that Azure SQL Database is the first cloud database service to be part of the top three for the DBMS of the Year award. Azure SQL Database is a fully-managed and intelligent service that’s always up to date and built for the cloud. Developers and DBAs choose Azure SQL Database to modernize their existing SQL applications and build new apps in the cloud using familiar SQL Server tools and experiences. We’re looking forward to continued investment in Azure SQL as the preferred destination for SQL Server workloads in the cloud,” said John ‘JG’ Chirapurath, Vice President, Azure Data, AI & Edge.

Source: Microsoft