Microsoft announces the general availability of Azure routing preference

March 10, 2021
Microsoft Azure network map

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Microsoft Azure network map

Microsoft yesterday announced the general availability of Azure routing preference, a new option that will allow Azure customers to choose how their traffic routes between Azure and the Internet. Customers can route traffic either via the Microsoft network, or, via the public internet provided by the ISP network.

Routing via Microsoft global network will deliver traffic over a reliable private global network while the routing via ISP network gives you a cost optimized choice. Microsoft also mentioned that routing via Microsoft’s network provides the best latency. You can read about the supported Azure services below.

Public IP with Routing preference choice “Microsoft Global Network” can be associated with any Azure services. However, Public IP with Routing preference choice Internet can be associated with the following Azure resources:

  • Virtual machine
  • Virtual machine scale set
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Internet-facing load balancer
  • Application Gateway
  • Azure Firewall

For storage, primary endpoints always use the Microsoft global network. You can enable secondary endpoints with Internet as your choice for traffic routing. Supported storage services are:

  • Blobs
  • Files
  • Web
  • Azure DataLake

Source: Microsoft

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