Microsoft deepens partnership with Redis to improve capabilities of Azure Cache for Redis

May 12, 2020
Microsoft Redis Enterprise

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Azure Redis Cache is a distributed, in-memory, managed cache that helps you build highly scalable and responsive applications by providing you with fast access to your data. Azure Redis Cache is built on the popular open source Redis Cache. Microsoft and Redis Labs today announced a major partnership to bring native integration between Redis Labs technology and Azure cloud. As part of this partnership, Redis Enterprise is now available as two new tiers of Azure Cache for Redis.

Details about the partnership:

  • With the integration of Redis Labs technology with Azure Cache for Redis, customers can now access Redis Labs-developed modules including, RediSearch, RedisBloom, and RedisTimeSeries, which provide new data structures that will further enable use cases like data analytics and machine learning.
  • These modules will be paired with existing features of Azure Cache for Redis including data persistence, clustering, geo-replication, and network isolation.
  • Customers will also now have the option to deploy on SSD flash storage, offering up to ten times larger cache sizes and similar performance levels at a lower price per GB.
  • Microsoft will handle first-line support and collaborate with Redis Labs on specific support issues to utilize their deep knowledge of the technology.

The new Enterprise offering for Azure Cache for Redis is currently in private preview. You can learn more about this partnership from the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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