Microsoft Azure becomes the first hyperscale cloud to get ISO 22301 certification

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft yesterday announced that Azure has achieved ISO 22301 certification. Azure is the first hyper-scale public cloud to achieve this certification that ensures your Azure applications are backed by the highest standard for business continuity and disaster preparedness. ISO 22301 certification is applicable across both Azure public and Azure Government clouds.

What does Azure achieving ISO 22301 provide? It gives you the assurance that you can trust Microsoft Azure with your mission critical applications by providing an extensive independent 3rd party audit of all aspects of Azure’s business continuity.

This includes the following:

  • how backups are validated
  • how recovery is tested
  • the competency/training of critical staff
  • the level of resources available
  • buy-in by senior management
  • how risks are assessed/mitigated
  • adherence to legal/regularly requirements
  • the process for response to incidents
  • the process for learning from incidents

Read more about this certification here.

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