Microsoft applies for patent for a voice-controlled camera app


19, 2013


Patentbolt reports that Microsoft has applied for a patent for voice-controlling the camera in Windows Phone.

From the application the app is mainly designed for portraits or group shots, but Microsoft also suggests users may be able to manage other functions, such as deleting pictures by voice or controlling the video camera. Interestingly Microsoft suggests the device may always be listening in a low power state for commands to activate the camera, bringing to mind Google’s recently demonstrated voice search feature in Chrome. The patent also notes that snapping fingers or clapping hands could function in the same way.

Microsoft notes the feature would also be useful in tablets, or for the Xbox via Kinect.

Microsoft filed the patent application in Q4 2011, somewhat preceding the number of apps we have seen pop up recently with the same function.

Read more at Patentbolt here.


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