Microsoft apologizes for disabling Xbox Dev Accounts, refutes anti-emulator conspiracy

by Surur
January 5, 2022

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Following a number of Xbox users who use developer accounts to load PS1, PS2, GameCube and Wii emulators on their Xbox consoles receiving letters telling them their accounts have been disabled, there has been a conspiracy theory going around that Microsoft is clamping down on the practice.

The letter read:

“We have disabled the Windows and Xbox enrollment in your Microsoft Partner Center account because it did not have an active presence in the Store. For reference, see the Developer Code of Conduct which says that an active presence in the Store must be maintained.”

Xbox emulator players complained as below:

Today Microsoft clarified that the developer accounts have been deleted in error as part of their normal inactive account clean-up process, with  Jason Ronald, Director of PM at Xbox, saying:

As the tweet notes, if an account you are still using has been deleted, you should contact [email protected] to hopefully have it restored.

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