Microsoft Announces Windows Apportals For The Enterprise

Introducing Windows Apportals | WWoM #1

Microsoft today announced Windows Apportals for the enterprise which can organize and reveal only the data and apps needed for a specific role or task. Windows Apportals pull together all the essential Apps and data you need right from the fabric of Windows 8. As a result, they are adaptive to any mobile environment.

Main Features:

Tile Groupings: Windows Apportals are composed of Tile Groupings similar to the Windows 8 Start screen. This instantly familiar interface is incredibly easy to use.
Grid Tiles: Tile Groupings are built with “Grid Tiles,” similar to Live Tiles in that they can display streaming information. Unlike Live Tiles, these Grid Tiles are not repositionable by the user.
Desktop Applications: Any application designed to run in Desktop Mode on Windows 8 can also launch and run in any Windows Apportal.
Modern Apps: Applications native the Metro UI in Windows 8—sometimes called Windows 8 apps—also launch and run in any Windows Apportal.
Embedded Apps: These enterprise specific applications are embedded at the OS level, which translate seamlessly as a Windows 8 function.
Pinned Links: Relevant links can be pinned inside a Windows Apportal, just as you would on your Start screen for easy access.

Why Windows Appportals?

Windows Apportals address a long-missed insight in enterprise sales: customers use software from many vendors. Windows Apportals were built in response to numerous requests to create an “on-the-glass” integration for the wide variety of heterogeneous LOB apps that exist in organizations today, including legacy Windows 7 Desktop Applications; newer Modern Windows 8 apps; and Web Applications. IT Pros within enterprises  know that the wide variety of apps, applications, and services which exist in an organization require a loosely-coupled structure – and in today’s diverse organizational environments it is not realistic or desirable to build a single, monolithic application. Instead, organizations want to use the flexibility of the Windows 8.1 OS to create a UI-based virtual integration, and continue to gain value from existing legacy technology investments. Windows Apportals are the solution to this need.

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